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Loddlenaught 3

Underwater Clean-Em-Up Loddlenaut Arrives This November

Loddlenaut, which has you cleaning up a world’s oceans, is set to surface on PC and Mac this November. Developed by Moon Lagoon and published by Secret Mode, it doesn’t, surprisingly, take place on Earth. Maybe that would be too mammoth a task. Instead, you’re charged with tackling another planet entirely.

Yes, there’s a clear eco-friendly message here and why not? When places like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch exist, you know we’re doing something wrong. Loddlenaut, on the other hand, looks to be doing everything right. We got our hands on it in June and had a blast, doing our bit for its pretend ocean.

We were particularly impressed by the concessions it had made towards just being fun. You need to watch your oxygen level but you’re not constantly emptying your junk container. Does it disappear into some pocket dimension? We don’t know but it’s less rubbish in the oceans.

Promoting the game, Secret Mode also teamed up with Whale and Dolphin Conservation to hold a beach clean-up, collecting thousands of pieces of junk. We wonder if they found any Lego?

You can have your own virtual clean-up with Loddlenaut arrives on PC and Mac this November 16th. In the meantime, you can download a demo on Steam.

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