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Vasco From Starfield is Getting His Own Articulated PureArts Figure

Starfield Vasco Figure

Bethesda and PureArts have teamed up to bring Vasco, Starfield’s mechanical companion to life. Well, sort of life – he’ll mostly be sitting on your desk but this is a pretty excellent-looking figure nonetheless.

Vasco is the first companion that Starfield gives you and he can follow you on your journey round the universe, taking on anyone who threatens you. Or, you can forget about him entirely and just leave him in The Lodge or wherever. No surprises for guessing what we did on our first run.

The figure is to 1/6 scale and features 15 points of articulation so you can pose him on your desk or shelf. You can even have him stomping the living daylights out of Mario and Luigi, if you so desire.

Almost a foot tall, the figure also comes with a replica of The Artefact. The catch is that he’s limited to 150 units and is priced at $369. You’ll be able to order him via PureArts.com, with pre-orders starting today.

Could we see any more Starfield figures? PureArts hasn’t confirmed anything but that has to be a market for a model of The Frontier. Maybe even throw in a tiny, tiny model of Sam Coe and Sarah Morgan.

For now, if you want your very own Vasco you can head over to PureArts and pre-order this Starfield Vasco figure.

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