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Super Box Delivery 2 (1)

We Love This Cute Delivery-Based Endless Runner

With a price of just £3.99, you might mistake Super Box Delivery: Beyond the Horizon for one of the many cookie-cutter games thrown onto the PlayStation Store with an easy Platinum trophy dangled as a carrot on the end of a stick. Give this endless runner a try, though, and you’ll soon find that it’s actually rather infectious.

Sporting a cute, almost cel-shaded visual style. Super Box Delivery: Beyond the Horizon is instantly disarming. It’s comical and colourful – a far cry away from the realism so many games strive for in this modern age. Like many endless runners, it also has a catchy theme tune that plays throughout, threatening to become repetitive yet strangely never actually doing so.

Your goal here is to simply steer your vehicle left and right – it automatically accelerates for you, and there’s no way of slowing down. There’s more to it than that, though: you also need to pick up as many delivery boxes as you can. Each box you pick up adds to your score, but as they pile up in the back of your vehicle, you need to be careful so that you don’t lose any.

Super Box Delivery 1 (1)

What makes things really exciting here is a scoring system that rewards taking a risk. You see, the more boxes you pick up, the higher your combo and ultimately your score – or should we say, the higher your potential score. Unless you bank your score at a delivery point, you could lose everything if you happen to crash. Do you avoid delivery points in order to build your combo and score big, then, or play it safe and visit delivery points more often?

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Initially, you can only crash into one other vehicle or obstruction before your run is over. At the end of every run, however, your points are added up and you’re doled out coins according to your performance. These coins can then be used to customise your vehicle or buy a new one. More beneficial, however, is buying into one of the numerous permanent power ups available. You can buy extra lives, unlock a feature that makes more boxes appear if you drive well, and more.

The more you play Super Box Delivery: Beyond the Horizon, then, the easier it gets to rack up an epic score. And even though you might actually get its Platinum Trophy rather easily, chances are you’ll still return to the game on a regular basis to try and beat your high score again and again. This is the type of game that you can put on as a palate cleanser between larger titles, or just when you want to pass 10 minutes or so. For fans of endless runners it’s a must-have, especially considering its budget price.

Super Box Delivery: Beyond the Horizon is available on PS4, PS5, Switch and PC.

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