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Fae Farm aragula

Where to Find Arugula in Fae Farm

Are you struggling to find arugula around the world in Fae Farm? Let us help you find this elusive green plant.

Arugula, if you’re unsure, is a salad plant: in the UK, we know it better as rocket. Yep, the weird green leaves that garnish just about every meal you purchase in a restaurant. And in Fae Farm, arugula is something you’ll occasionally need for various recipes and quests. But where do you find arugula in Fae Farm?

If you’re following the game’s main quest line, you’ll be prompted to find some arugula almost straight away. Luckily, there’s a few patches of it growing on your farm. But it doesn’t grow back. So once all that has gone, where do you find it?

Well, if you look carefully around the town, you’ll find arugula pops up in various places. Typically, it’ll be nestled amongst other wildflowers. It stands out thanks to its shaped leaves and slightly darker colour. We’ve found some outside of the windmill, and it also grows in other places just west of our farm. In other words, spend some time looking around, and you’ll eventually find some – but it’s not quite as common as we’d hope it would be.

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