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Where to Find Sand in Fae Farm

Fae Farm sand

Do you need some help finding sand in Fae Farm? Here’s where you’ll find this common and useful resource.

You’ll need sand in Fae Farm for lots of crafting recipes, but the game never expressly tells you where to find it. When you dig on your farm, you’ll find silt, but no sand. But there’s one thing the land of Azoria has plenty of – and that’s beaches.

Yep, head to any beach in Fae Farm and you’ll find plenty of sand. You can’t dig just anywhere, though, unfortunately. You’ll still need to look out for heaps on the ground that you can interact with. Use your default tool, which will turn to a shovel, and when you’re digging up a spot on the beach, you’ll get sand.

These sand spots will replenish over time, so don’t worry about using them all up. It might just take a few days. But you’ll get a couple of helpings of sand from each digging spot, so you’ll have as much sand as you need in no time.

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