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Fae Farm copper ore

Where to Get Copper Ore in Fae Farm

Read on to find out where to get copper ore in Fae Farm, a valuable resource that you’ll need for all kinds of crafting projects.

There are lots of different ores to find in Fae Farm, but copper ore is one of the first you’ll need. It’s the most common and easiest to get hold of, then, but when you’re starting out in this cosy farming RPG, it can be difficult to find. You’ll need copper ore to craft some basic items as well as upgrading your tools and progressing through the story. So: where do you find it?

You’ll find copper ore in Fae Farm by exploring the Saltwater Mines. The mines are over on the right-hand side of the map, with the entrance just by the beach. If you’re following through the game’s story quests, you’ll be led here anyway. We found copper ore for the first time on the third floor of the Saltwater Mines, but its placement is random – you might find it earlier.

You’ll recognise copper ore straight away: it’s an obvious bright, copper colour and like all ore, it’s shaped differently from other rocks. Use your standard tool (pickax) on it and you’ll be rewarded with some copper ore.

Once it’s in your inventory, you can use it for a variety of purposes, including making copper seals and copper bars.

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