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Where to Get Iron Ore in Fae Farm

Fae Farm iron ore

We’re here to help you find iron ore, a valuable and useful resource in Fae Farm that you’re going to need a lot of.

Iron ore in Fae Farm might just be one of the most useful resources in the whole game. With it, you can craft a wide array of items. You’ll also need iron ore in order to upgrade your suite of tools. Without iron ore, you’ll miss out on a more powerful pickaxe, axe and shovel. But the question is: where do you find it?

Thankfully, iron ore isn’t hard to come across. You just need to progress a little way through the game. Once you’ve gained access to the Saltwater Mines – an area that Fae Farm’s main story quest leads you to – you’re well on your way to finding iron ore. We found iron ore in Fae Farm from floor 12 of the Saltwater Mines. However, its placement is random: you might find it on a lower floor if you’re lucky.

You’ll spot iron ore easily. It’s the same shape as copper ore – more pointed than standard rocks – and more silver in colour. Use your standard tool (which default to a pickax when mining) and you’ll get a number of chunks of iron ore.

Once it’s in your inventory, you can use it however you see fit: make it into iron bars, use it to craft useful items or pieces of furniture, or upgrade your tools with it. Fae Farm – and your iron – is your oyster!

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