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Futurama's Planet Express in Starfield, previously see in Armored Core 6

After Armored Core 6, Futurama’s Planet Express Flies into Starfield

Good news, everyone! After turning up in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, Futurama’s Planet Express ship has now been recreated in Starfield. And it’s pretty awesome to look at.

Futurama’s Armored Core 6 fan-mech wasn’t technically a spaceship, but this Starfield Planet Express offering absolutely fits that criteria. Until it gets blown up on some ridiculous delivery mission, that is.

It’s the work of player RoseWoman2020 and is, itself, an evolution of another player’s design. What’s so fantastic about this design is that it absolutely looks like it belongs in the Starfield universe.

Sure, you could probably mod the Planet Express into the game, as is, but it’d look out of place. This, instead, feels like there’s an alternate Planet Express in Starfield’s universe, with its own Leela, Fry, Bender and so on.

Are there any actual Futurama Starfield mods? Just one, so far, which puts the animated series’ foods into the game. Starfield’s Chunks already have a very Futurama feel about them. Though, hopefully, their true origin isn’t as unsettling as Slurm.

RoseWoman2020 says this is a work in progress and plans on adding more weapons to the ship though, as they note, it might be tricky to do that without ruining the silhouette. We suppose they could always turn it into a big, near-invulnerable Tetris block.

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