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The Very Best Cats in Video Games

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Cats are basically man’s second best friend. Sure, they might not wag their tails or greet you every time you come home, but they’ve got better things to do. You know, like vomiting in the most inconvenient places or meowing for food even though they just ate. We just love them: they’re perhaps the weirdest creatures on Earth, but our lives wouldn’t be the same without them. And video games wouldn’t, either: here, we’re taking a look at the very best cats in video games.

We love seeing our favourite furry friends pop up in games. Sometimes they’re just in the background, for us to pet or admire from a distance. Other times they’re there to help, or to accompany us on our adventure. Heck, sometimes they’re even the protagonist, allowing us to experience life through the eyes of a cat. Either way, there’s something rather special about games starring cats, and here are some of our favourites.

1. ‘Stray’ in Stray

It would be a crime if we didn’t add Stray to our list of best cats in video games. This gorgeous ginger feline doesn’t have a name, but Annapurna Interactive’s Stray gives us control of him, allowing us to experience life first-hand through the eyes of a cat. He’s, of course, not your normal cat: equipped with a backpack and accompanied by a helpful drone, he’s much more capable than your typical feline. And set in a futuristic world inhabited by robots, it makes for a very enjoyable adventure indeed.

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2. Rover in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Rover

Animal Crossing has a lot of great cats. One of our favourites is Ankha, who looks like Cleopatra. And we obviously can’t forget about Raymond who the world is totally obsessed with. But we chose another kitty for this list: Rover. He shows up in a number of different places throughout the Animal Crossing franchise and he’s always friendly and willing to have a nice conversation with us.

Rover is probably best known as the cat who gets the player set up in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. He appears on the train as a passenger and helps the player come up with a name for their town and character. We think Rover is one of the best cats in video games because he’s cute, talkative and helpful. Rover, we love you.

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3. King Tom in Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Ni No Kuni King Tom

King Tom makes his way onto this list of best video game cats for many reasons. Primarily, though, it’s because he uses a lot of cat puns in his speech. We love the way that he’s not shy about his cat heritage. Plus there’s the fact that he talks to himself in the third person. In Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, you run into Kim Tom in Ding Dong Dell where he has had his heart stolen by the evil Shadar. The protagonist Oliver finds the heart and returns it. Once King Tom has his heart back, he is lively and it becomes clear why he was chosen as the king of this great city. He’s charismatic, stylish and generous. He even gives you your first decent wand just for helping him out. What a lovely puss-puss.

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4. Mae in Night in the Woods

This lovely character is the main protagonist of Night in the Woods. In the game, Mae has just dropped out of college and moved back to her home town to live with her parents. She’s feeling a bit down about leaving school, but hanging out with her old friends makes her feel much better.

We think Mae is one of the best cats in video games because she’s not afraid to be herself. She loves adventure and hates the cops. She loves her friends and breaking the rules. Being able to play as a character that is genuinely fuelled by chaos is such a fun experience and one that many players fell in love with when they played the game.

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5. Meowth from the Pokémon series

Pokemon Meowth

Meowth was a natural choice for this list and was of course one of the first video game cats we thought of. A loyal companion to all, Meowth is a normal-type Pokémon that’s all about mischief. The Meowth that we all know and love works with Team Rocket’s Jessie and James, helping them capture Pokémon from unsuspecting trainers. Like a true cat, Meowth doesn’t take crap from anyone… well, except Jessie and James. He’s a hard worker and he’s funny. We also love the different versions of Meowth that have spawned from the franchise. Dark Allolan Meowth, Galarian Meowth… we love ’em all.

6. The Cat in Catlateral Damage

If we’re talking about realistic cats, then we’d be foolish not to include the cat from Catlateral Damage. Like a true feline, the cat in Catlateral Damage has just one mission: to knock over anything and everything in their owner’s house before the time runs out. It’s a very simple game, but there’s something oddly satisfying about having little cat paws and being able to knock down a bunch of random stuff. This cat gets his spot on this list for doing the entire cat community proud. This cat has real pizzazz.

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7. Spiderman the Cat in Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales

Miles Morales Spider-Man the Cat

Spider-Man the cat belongs to Teo, the owner of a Bodega close to where Miles lives. When the Bodega is robbed by a bunch of thugs and they steal the cat, Miles is tasked with not only finding Spider-Man but returning him to his worried owner. Spider-Man the cat is great because, once you save him, he just hangs out in your backpack being adorable and totally unphased by the fact that he’s swinging around New York City. There is even a quest that you can complete after finishing the game’s story that will give you the “Cat’s Pajamas” skin for Miles to wear. What’s not to love about this kitty cat?

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