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Build Your Own Horror Game Bundle From Just £5

Fancy something new to play this Halloween? Thanks to Fanatical, you can build your own bundle of horror games, with any three titles costing just £4.99.

There are 20 horror games to choose from, and Fanatical’s ‘Choose Your Own Bundle’ initiative means you can pick the games that interest you the most. Three titles will cost you £4.99, five will cost you £7.99 and seven will cost £9.99. The more games you buy, then, the better value you’re getting. And there are some very good titles here to pick from.

You can browse the horror bundle, dubbed the ‘Frightmare’ bundle, on Fanatical here. Or if you want our advice on which games you should add to your basked, read on.

Our number one choice here has to be The Beast Inside, which we previewed way back in 2018. We called it “pinnacle of video game horror”, and absolutely loved what we played of it. It’s a P.T.-inspired survival horror, with a twisty story that is bound to get its hooks into you.

Home Sweet Home is also very much worth checking out: jump scares and eerie atmosphere will keep you on the edge of your seat as you make your way through this spooky home. For something slightly different, The Coma: Recut is absolutely worth your time, too, as is Daymare: 1998, particularly if you like the idea of playing something inspired by the original Resident Evil.

The savings available in the Frightmare bundle at Fanatical depends on the games you select. But with included games like Hellpoint and Spirit Hunter: Death Mark having RRPs of around £30, there are bargains to be had. Be sure to grab yourself some scary savings just in time for Halloween.

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