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Fancy Solving a Beautiful Hand-Drawn Mystery? Give This Free Steam Demo a Try

Chronique des Silencieux

If you consider yourself a bit of an armchair detective, then the upcoming Chronique des Silencieux might be worth keeping on your radar. This narrative-driven game, currently in development for PC, throws players into a rich historical mystery that revolves around Professor Victor Dousvalon.

Playing Chronique des Silencieux involves meeting characters, talking to them and deducing clues based on the dialogue. You’ll also need to dig through documents, work out who’s telling you the truth and who’s lying. Your intuition is your best friend here – just as if you were a real detective.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, we’ve got good news: a free demo is available right now, downloadable via Steam. The demo allows you to play through the opening of Chronique of Silencieux, introducing you to protagonist Eugéne as he begins his investigation on the beautiful, colourful streets of Bordeaux.

Watch the trailer for Chronique des Silencieux below:

We’re very much looking forward to seeing more of this intriguing adventure game. What particularly interests us is Chronique de Silencieux’s promise of “head first investigation”. It’s down to players to choose their leads and follow their instincts where it takes them. In other words, this isn’t a game that’s going to hold your hand: something rather rare in this genre. That, coupled with its beautiful art style – which you can see first-hand in the trailer above – makes us rather excited for this game indeed.

There’s no release date for Chronique des Silencieux yet, but you can wishlist it on Steam. And of course, download the demoi to try it out for yourself.

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