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Crow Country is a Creepy Upcoming Horror Game That Channels Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil

There's a free demo available.

Crow Country

While we’re not always huge fans of games that ape the graphical style of the 1990s (ugh, clunky controls! Ugh, giant pixels!) we can’t help but be enamoured with this trailer for Crow Country. Announced today and coming from the developers behind Tangle Tower and Snipperclips, it absolutely oozes PS1 charm, with character models that look like they belong in Final Fantasy VII.

But with its survival horror gameplay, fans of the classic Resident Evil games are going to be most interested in getting their hands on Crow Country. In it, you play as Mara Forest, a young woman who finds herself in an abandoned theme park on a mission to find its mysterious owner, a chap named Edward Crow.

Is there anything more spooky than an abandoned theme park? No, thought not. Especially not this one, which is surrounded in mystery and has been subject to some very dark rumours…

Watch the trailer for Crow Country below:

There are puzzles galore as you explore the environment, with locks to open, maps to crack and clues aplenty. And like classic Resident Evil games, ammo doesn’t come easily, either: you’re going to want to be eagle-eyed, making sure you’ve picked over every corner of the world to keep your inventory topped up.

There’s no release date for Crow Country just yet, outside of a 2024 window, but we do have good news: a demo is available right now on PlayStation and Steam. Download the demo for free to get a taste of what Crow Country has in store. If you’re a horror fan, we don’t think you’re going to want to miss this.

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