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House Flipper’s Latest Console DLC Takes Us to the Farm

House Flipper Farm DLC

We don’t really need an excuse to jump back into House Flipper, but we’ll take one all the same. House Flipper – Farm DLC has just landed on console, giving players not only new renovation challenges but the option to create their own farm from scratch. Complete with animals and all.

The basics of House Flipper – Farm remain the same as the base game: you’re renovating spaces to a client’s specification. Except this time those spaces are going to be farm themed – think barns, farmhouses and paddocks. You’ll have a new bunch of items to play with, too, from animal beds to horse apparatus, as well as barn windows and doors. This stuff looks great, and when you’re given free reign of a renovation, it opens up whole new possibilities for some seriously cool design.

With the addition of the Architect tool, the Farm DLC also allows for the opportunity to build from scratch, something that’s missing from the House Flipper base game. Now you can lay foundations and walls, fully able to create a space from beginning to end. Of course, not every opportunity in the game allows you freedom to go wild: you’ll still have to pay attention to the job specifications when you’re working for a client. But when it comes to buying entire houses to flip? Well, let yourself loose. Build new outbuildings. Knock it down and start from scratch. It’s entirely up to you.

House Flipper Farm DLC

The challenges in House Flipper – Farm DLC are kept separate from the main game. Using your laptop, you’ll now open up a map where you can see all available opportunities. There are 11 new jobs to complete here, along with 11 houses to purchase and flip. That doesn’t sound like a huge amount, but along with the almost-2000 new items and new tools at your disposal, this is a pretty game-changing DLC, even just in terms of the core gameplay of House Flipper.

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But the real draw of House Flipper – Farm for some players will be the fact it can turn your game fully into a farming simulator. You can raise animals, plant crops and make money off the land. It’s like you’ve retired from a busy life of flipping houses, and want to settle down in the countryside. If that’s your jam, of course. In truth, we haven’t delved too much into the farming aspect. We play House Flipper, well, for the house flipping. But we do appreciate the vast amount of content developer Frozen Way has added to this expansion, monumentally changing how House Flipper can be interacted with.

Even if you don’t feel like going full-on farmer, we’d recommend picking up House Flipper – Farm DLC, particularly if you’ve exhausted most of the challenges that the base game throws at you. The new challenges here are meaty, adding a dozen or more hours of gameplay, not to mention the additional opportunities given to you by the new tools and items available to you.

House Flipper – Farm DLC is available now on PC and consoles. Thanks to the publisher for providing us with a PS4 key.

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