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Alan Wake 2 Bright Falls

How Long Does it Take to Beat Alan Wake 2?

Find out how long it’s likely to take you to beat the long-awaited Alan Wake 2

It may have taken 13 years, but Alan Wake 2 is finally here. You’ll be taking control of more than just the titular writer in this action horror sequel, however, with new character Saga Anderson also sharing the spotlight. It’s essentially two games in one, in fact, which means you might end up playing it for longer than you anticipated. So, how long does it take to beat Alan Wake 2?

Judging by our time with the game, we anticipate that it will take most players between 15 and 20 hours to beat Alan Wake 2. Ultimately though, it will depend on what difficulty the game is played on, and how much time is spent exploring and completing side objectives. After all, you have much more freedom here than in the original game. At least when playing as Saga, anyway.

Those who head straight through the game’s story, ignoring the optional puzzles along the way and not encountering any difficulties when it comes to combat or puzzles, are likely to fall on the lower end of the scale. Those who seek to see and do everything, however, might end up spending even more than 20 hours with this sequel before they consider it complete and see the credits roll.

How long does it take to beat Alan Wake 2, then? Anywhere between 15-25 hours. There’ll be a reason to return in the future, too, what with New Game Plus set to be added for free, introducing even more story content to the game.

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