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How to Get Belle and The Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Image: Gameloft

Are you wondering how to get Belle and The Beast from Beauty and the Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Thankfully, adding these brand new characters to your village is a fairly easy task: you just need to complete a couple of missions. Here’s everything you need to know.

You can access the missions to unlock Belle and the Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley at any time: you simply need to head into the Castle and unlock their door. It’ll cost you 12,500 Dreamlight to open the door to the Beauty and the Beast realm, however. If you haven’t got enough, you’ll need to spend some time completing Dreamlight Missions. Head into your menu to see what’s available to you.

There are two missions you need to complete before you can bring Belle and The Beast back to your village. Read on to find out what you need to do.

How to complete ‘Into the West Wing’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you’ve entered the Beauty and the Beast realm, you’ll begin a quest called ‘Into the West Wing’. You’ll find yourself in the Beast’s Castle. Make your way inside and interact with the flying book that’s just down the corridor. Follow it, and it’ll lead you to Belle in the library. There are five books flying around: talk to Belle, then catch all the flying books. To ‘catch’ them, simply interact with them as they’re close to you. Once they’re all caught, go talk to Belle again.

Now, you need to find a hidden passage in the library – Belle mentions to check the ladder in the corner of the room. It’s missing some pieces: they’re dotted around the library. There are six pieces altogether, and you’ll find them near various tables in the library. Once you’ve got them all, interact with the ladder and choose all the missing pieces. Voila: a secret passage!

Before you wander through, talk to Belle one more time. You need to go try to talk to the Beast, who’s locked himself in the West Wing. Belle suggests dressing like a staff member as to not anger him.

Where to find the items to make the staff costume for Belle

You’ll need:

  • Castle Candle x4 – One is just through the hidden passage door; one is in the library, table near the fireplace; one is back near the starting point on a table near the piano; and one is outside on a table near boxed plants
  • Castle Candle Holder – You’ll find this out in the corridor, on a chair just past two stone lions
  • Golden Curtain – This is on the desk in the library alongside the gramophone

When you’ve found everything, return to Belle. Put on your, er, staff uniform – a candlestick disguise – then go through the door atop the stairs in the hidden passage. Talk to the Beast. Return to Belle, then return to Dreamlight Valley to talk to Merlin.

How to make an Enchanted Canvas

You need to make an Enchanted Canvas. It requires:

  • 12x Softwood
  • 8x Fiber
  • 4x Dream Shard
  • 3x White Daisy
  • 2x Garnet

Once you’ve got everything, head to a workbench to put it together. You’ll find the Enchanted Canvas in the ‘Functional Items’ section.

Now, return to Belle in the Beauty and the Beast realm. Give her the Enchanted Canvas, then follow her into the West Wing. Talk to her again. Talk to Belle one more time to complete the quest.

How to Complete ‘A Prince in Disguise’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To begin A Prince in Disguise in Disney Dreamlight Valley, first talk to The Beast. He wants you to help find Belle the perfect gift, but to do so you’ll need his Enchanted Mirror. One problem: it’s locked in a chest, and its key is split into three and hidden around the castle. Thankfully, Lumiere has left some clues as to where each piece is.

How to find the key pieces for Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  • Hidden in a hot place – In the fireplace in the library. Use your watering can on it.
  • Hidden in a place where silence roars – In a stone lion just outside of the West Wing. Use your pickaxe on it. RIP stone lion.
  • Hidden in a thorny place – Outside, in the centre of the maze surrounded by rose bushes. Use your shovel to dig up the mound.

Take all the pieces to The Beast. Use the key on the chest just behind him, and take out the Enchanted Mirror. Go give the mirror to The Beast.

It turns out Belle’s perfect gift is book-related. Well, we could have figured that out ourselves! You need to make a Book Kit for Belle. You’ll need to head back into Dreamlight Valley and gather the required ingredients.

How to make a Book Kit for Belle

Here’s what you need to craft the Book Kit gift:

  • 20x Fiber (made from 4x seaweed)
  • 3x Purple Falling Penstemon
  • 1x Empty Vial (made from 3x glass)
  • 1x Feather (ask Scrooge McDuck)

Once you’ve got everything, head to a workbench to craft a Book Kit. It’s in the ‘Functional Items’ menu. Now, back to the castle to return to Beauty and the Beast realm, to talk to The Beast. Before he can give the gift to Belle, he needs to spruce himself up. But he’ll need his grooming materials first.

Where to find The Beast’s grooming materials

Finding The Beast’s grooming materials is pretty easy, since they’re all in the West Wing room. Here’s where you’ll find them all?

  • Beast’s Brush – in the chest by the door
  • Princely Cologne – on the table in front of the portrait of Beast and Belle
  • Princely Shampoo – on the table near the bathtub

Take them to the Beast, then follow him outside to listen to his apology to Belle. Aww.

How to get Belle and The Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Talk to Belle, then return to Dreamlight Valley and find somewhere to place the Beast’s Castle. Once you’ve placed the blueprint (use Furniture mode from your inventory screen), interact with the Scrooge sign next to the worksite to build the castle. You’ll need 20,000 coins.

Now, Belle has arrived in Dreamlight Valley – but the Beast isn’t with her. You’ll need to return to Beauty and the Beast realm to give him a note from Belle.

And that’s it: Belle and The Beast are now both residents in Dreamlight Valley!

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