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How to Get the Service Lift Working in Kona II: Brume

Kona II Brume

Do you need help getting the service lift back in working order in the mansion in Kona II: Brume? Here’s what you need to know.

Being a big old house, it’s no surprise that the mansion you find yourself in early on in Kona II: Brume has a service lift. Also known as a dumbwaiter, this lift sends objects up and down between floors. It’s not big enough for a person to go in it, but it’s very handy. And in the case of Kona II, getting the service lift working again is key to solving one of its most intriguing puzzles.

You can’t get the service lift working in Kona II: Brume immediately. The first time you come across it, you can simply look at it and note that it isn’t working. But as you progress through the game and move through the mansions rooms – and floors – you’ll come across the lift again. It’s not until you reach the lift shaft on the second floor that you can get it back in working order. Well, we say that loosely: we’re not sure the methodology here actually counts as a “repair”.

Around the corner of the lift shaft, you’ll find a statue head by a door. You can interact with the statue head, lifting it off its plinth. Take the head to the second floor lift shaft and drop it in. The weight of it will push the lift downwards. So: you’ve not exactly got the service lift working in Kona II: Brume, but you can now at least access it. And if you head to the basement, there’s something inside that you’ll need…

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