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How to Save Your Game in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 review 2

Find out how to save your game in Alan Wake 2, ensuring you don’t lose any progress

A long time has passed since the release of the original Alan Wake, and needless to say the bar has been raised. That’s perhaps why developer Remedy has pulled out all the stops to make Alan Wake 2 a roller coaster ride, complete with epic set pieces, hair-raising scenarios and more. It’s also a considerably bigger and tougher game, meaning you’ll likely want to save your progress from time to time. So, how do you save your game in Alan Wake 2?

You’ll find that like most games these days, Alan Wake 2 employs an autosave system, periodically saving your progress for you. It typically happens when you complete an objective, for example, or move to a new area. Entering an area drenched in bright light can often also trigger an autosave, and perhaps heal you a little if your health is low. There are certain circumstances in which it’s a good idea to manually save your game, however.

To manually save your game in Alan Wake 2, you need to find a Thermos. These are typically found in rest areas, such as cabins when out in the wild, or kitchens when in in buildings. Often they’re easy to spot because they’re drenched in bright light. Approach a Thermos and button prompts should appear, giving the option of either performing a quick save or a manual save. Press the button appropriate to what you want to do. Just keep in mind that you have one quick save slot, and three manual save slots.

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