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How to Save Your Game in Lords of the Fallen

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Find out how to save your game in Lords of the Fallen, ensuring you don’t lose any progress

Like most Soulslikes, Hexworks’ Lords of the Fallen is a highly challenging game with a vast world to explore. As such, it takes a considerable time to beat. You’re going to want to know to save your game, then, so that when you need to take a break you can do so while ensuring you don’t lose any progress. So, how do you save your game in Lords of the Fallen?

The first thing to know is that Lords of the Fallen does have an autosave system. So, if something terrible happens like there’s a power cut or the game crashes, chances are won’t lose a great deal of progress. You can also force the game to save by interacting with a Vestige Point, which you’ll find spread throughout the game’s world. If you’re planning on turning the game off, however, you’d be wise to do so properly, forcing the game to save.

To quit Lords of the Fallen and save your progress, first open up the in-game menu – this is done by pressing the Options button when using a PlayStation Controller, and the Menu button when using an Xbox controller. When in the game’s menu, you should then navigate to the Quit option. Using a controller, this is done with the shoulder buttons. A prompt should then appear on the screen asking if you want to exit to the main menu. Confirm that you do, and your game will be saved and you’ll be returned to the title screen.

The good news is that you can save just about anywhere and you’ll continue from where you left off the next time you boot the game up. It’s best to make sure you’re somewhere safe, though, such as a Vestige Point.

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