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Alan Wake 2 review

How to Switch Characters in Alan Wake 2

Find out how to switch characters in Alan Wake 2, letting you guide the story

Alan Wake 2 is finally here, and in addition to letting players take control of the troubled writer once again, a second protagonist is introduced, Saga Anderson. While their stories are ultimately intertwined, both have their own unique mechanics, essentially making Alan Wake 2 feel like two games in one. Even better, for the most part you’re free to choose who you take control of, putting you in control of whose story you progress. So, how do you switch characters in Alan Wake 2?

To be able to switch characters in Alan Wake 2, you first need to make a decent bit of progress in the game’s story. Keep playing until you’ve completed a chapter called Haunting – from that point onwards you’ll be able to switch between playing as Saga Anderson and Alan Wake at will. You should get a tutorial pop up on the screen informing you of this.

Once you’re actually able to, you can switch characters in Alan Wake 2 by interacting with a janitor’s bucket. Approach one, and a button prompt will appear to change your reality – do so if you want to change characters. Janitor buckets are often found in safe areas, such as wood cabins drenched in light when in locations such as Cauldron Lake, and restrooms elsewhere. You’ll find a character switching point in a small room at the Elderwood Palace Lodge, for example. Open up your map if you’re not sure where the nearest one is located.

Just be aware that after progressing a character’s story so far, you’ll be forced to switch to the other in order to complete the overall tale. It’s up to you, then. Play as Saga then Alan, Alan then Saga, or switch between them frequently, giving both some love. Ultimately you’ll have to play as both, though.

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