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How to Use Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Infinite XP Glitch to Level Up Fast

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Want to be a better Spider-Man? There’s an infinite XP glitch in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 which lets you level up fast. Even better, it’s not been patched out with the game’s 37GB launch-day patch.

The glitch occurs early on in the game and allows you, as Miles Morales, to power through level after level. Forget fighting crime or completing challenges, cheating’s the way to go.

We have YouTuber Neon to thank for discovering this and it really is simplicity itself. There’s no reason you can’t keep going and going with this Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 infinite XP fast level up glitch.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Start a new game (or load a save) and play right up to the One Thing at a Time mission.
  2. Keep playing, until you have to save a couple of people from a building fire.
  3. Once you’ve fought the mini Sandmen and opened the crystal, walk down to the level the crystal was on. You don’t have to Manual Save now but it’s a good idea just in case.
  4. On the lower level where you fought the mini Sandmen, face the protruding red metal girder. You should see a crosshair. Now use L2 and RT to slingshot yourself out of the building.
  5. The moment you’re outside, hold down square to perform a trick (and keep it held down). Then waggle the left joystick to perform a trick.
  6. Miles will start floating upwards performing stunts (keep holding square and keep waggling), racking up a big XP multiplier.
  7. When Miles eventually stops and starts to fall, hit the Options button and manual save. Overwrite if you’re prompted (don’t choose a different save slot).
  8. Now, choose Restart Last Checkpoint. This will put you back in the burning building.
  9. Repeat stages 4-8 as many times as you want.

If you miss stage 5, just manual save and use restart last checkpoint to try again. And if you’re having difficulty finding the girder, the picture below shows where you need to be standing.

Neon was able to rack up multipliers over 100, though we only got as far as about 30. Still, you repeat this Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 infinite XP fast level up glitch as many times as you want. Just using Restart Last Checkpoint erases your progress but using the Manual Save trick lets you keep your XP.

To see this in action, watch Neon’s video below and why not subscribe to their glitch-focused channel here? It’s possible the glitch will be patched out at some point. But at the time of writing it works with the launch-day patch.

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