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House Flipper Luxury

Humble’s ‘Living in a Simulation’ Bundle is Worth it Just For House Flipper

We can’t resist a Humble Bundle, and as you know, we just love telling you about the latest ones. New today is the ‘Living in a Simulation’ bundle, which features eight sim games and a couple of pieces of DLC. The highlight of the bundle, however, is undoubtedly House Flipper.

For just £12.32, you’ll pick up House Flipper, two DLC packs and seven other simulation games for PC. When just one DLC pack for House Flipper should cost more than that, this is an absolute bargain that’s not to be missed. (We always say that, granted, but we really mean it this time.) Here are all the games it includes:

  • House Flipper (plus Luxury and Garden DLC)
  • Farming Simulator 19
  • Firefighting Simulator – The Squad
  • Builder Simulator
  • Juno: New Origins
  • Electrician Simulator
  • Fresh Start Cleaning Simulator
  • Lumberjack’s Dynasty

So: whether you’ve always fancied a taste of life as a farmer, a lumberjack, an electrician, a builder, on in the case of Juno an aerospace engineer, there’s something for you here.

We can’t vouch for them all, but the hours we’ve clocked up recently in House Flipper speak for themselves: there’s something incredibly enjoyable about cleaning and decorating someone else’s house. We could be doing our own, IRL, but where’s the fun in that?

As always, purchasing a Humble Bundle also supports a charity, and this time it’s Active Minds, a not-for-profit that helps young adults with their mental health. So: go some good, play some great sim games. Win-win. The bundle is available until 8th November, so don’t miss it.

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