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This New Fortnite Halloween Addition is the Best Thing Ever

Fortnite Michael Myers

As part of Fortnitemares, Fortnite is getting a whole host of spooky Halloween-themed content. One such example is a brand new Michael Myers costume – you know, ‘The Shape’ from Halloween. Is there anything quite as iconic? We don’t think so. And being able to run around as him (or ‘it’?) in Fortnite is certainly going to make things way more interesting.

As iconic as Michael Myers and his Halloween mask may be, though, it’s not really his appearance in Fortnite that’s got us excited. No: it’s his emote. He pops out a portable keyboard and begins playing the iconic Halloween theme song, as composed by John Carpenter. And just to make it a little more spooky, he hits the high notes with the end of his big ol’ knife. It’s just perfect.

See it in action below, in the video courtesy of Momo Studios:

See what we mean? It’s just brilliant. Perhaps our new favourite thing to come from Fortnite. Ever.

Michael Myers isn’t all that’s coming to Fortnite this Halloween, however. He’ll be joined by Jack Skellington and Alan Wake, along with some returning outfits. There’s a bunch of new weapons making an appearance too, like Thorne’s Vampiric Blade and a Pumpkin Launcher.

You can read about everything coming to Fortnitemares in Epic’s official blog post here.

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