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Starfield Amazon

One Starfield Player Has Created an Amazon Delivery Nightmare

You’d think that, in the world of Starfield, there’d be some massive Amazon-style pan-planetary delivery chain. Well, one player has gone all out to create a vessel that would have any online-based company rubbing their hands in glee.

There may have been a little modding involved and, at the very least, they must used console commands to beat Starfield’s ship size limits. But that doesn’t make this beast of a ship any less impressive.

Created by Reddit user futuregravvy, it’s cargo bays and.. well, not much else, really. It’s got engines, as you’d expect, and a pretty powerful gravity drive. But there are no weapons of any type, just 200,000 units of storage space.

So if Space Amazon or whoever, set up in Starfield, it’d could be a bit of a nightmare as a galactic delivery driver. There can’t be room for more than what, three crew? So you’d be flying from planet to planet, frantically unloading, then hoping you didn’t hit a skyscraper on the way back up.

And if space pirates do show up? Just hit the Gravity Drive as quickly as you can, and hope Starfazon doesn’t hold it against you. Assuming, that is, you’re not being paid by parcel.

The good news is that the universe is so big no-one’s going to notice a few bottles of yellow liquid floating around, so just chuck those out of the airlock whenever you’ve got a micro-second.

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