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Slender: The Arrival is Now Creepier Than Ever, Thanks to its 10th Anniversary Update

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It’s apparently been 10 years since Slender: The Arrival first creeped players out on PC. To celebrate the occasion, Blue Isle Studio has just released a hefty update for the title, and also brought it to current-gen consoles. If you’re after something spooky to play this Halloween, then, you’d be wise to check it out.

We reviewed Slender: The Arrival when it launched on PS4 way back in 2015. We were impressed with it, too. “If you’re looking to experience pure horror, then Slender: The Arrival is one of the best games currently available,” we stated. Of course, a lot has changed in eight years, and while we perhaps aren’t quite as eager to recommend this first-person horror due to the aging of its already basic and repetitive mechanics, some meaningful upgrades mean it’s still relevant.

The main benefit of the 10th Anniversary update for Slender: The Arrival is a comprehensive overhaul of the game’s visuals. Thanks to Unreal Engine 5, the world of the Slender Man has never been so realistic and atmospheric. As you explore seemingly abandoned buildings and dense, dark forests, you’ll be constantly on edge, drawn into a world where danger lurks around every corner. It’s foreboding, and the result is that you’re constantly on the edge of your seat.

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The gameplay remains the same, though; a mixture of exploration and light problem solving, with moments of panicked terror sprinkled in for good measure. Sometimes you’ll just have to make the journey from one place to another, but there are also tasks to complete such as finding eight pages strewn across an area of woodland with the Slender Man in pursuit. There’s little you can do to defend yourself here other than simply run away, though one particular foe can at least be halted in their tracks by shining a light at them.

A single playthrough of Slender: The Arrival will take anywhere between 2-3 hours depending on how much you explore and how much difficulty you have avoiding hostile pursuers while finding important items. It’s not very long then, but perfect to play on a dark, spooky night such as Halloween. The 10th anniversary update adds another chapter to the game, too, in which you’ll take control of a new character. For those who already own the game it’s a good reason to return, even if only for a short while.

Perhaps the best news off the back of the 10th anniversary update for Slender: The Arrival is that support for the game is set to continue. A co-op multiplayer mode is due to arrive next year, allowing players to team and try to complete their goals while working together. Yet more story chapters are in the works, too, letting players delve further into the world of the Slender Man and encounter new horrors. And perhaps most exciting of all, players will be able to create their own Slender Man scenarios using a cross-platform mod kit. Needless to say, Slender: The Arrival may be 10 years old, but it’s going to be around for a considerable while longer.

Slender: The Arrival may not be the most complex or deepest of horror games, then, but it’s engaging and offers some genuine scares. It’s for that reason that it’s largely stood the test of time, and this 10th anniversary updated has ensured that it won’t be forgotten about any time soon.

Slender: The Arrival is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC.

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