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Super Mario Push Popper Toys

This Cursed Super Mario Bros Toy is Straight Out of Silent Hill

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a Mario fan? Then this cursed and deeply unofficial Super Mario Bros Push Popper toy is not it, unless you live in Silent Hill. And frankly, this fact this abomination exists is enough to keep us up at night.

Push Poppers (bubble fidget toys) have become ridiculously popular, largely due to TikTok. And capitalising on this trend, manufacturers have started cranking out their own variants, including some deeply unofficial Pokemon Push Poppers.

You can also get electronic Push Popper games which take the Push Popper concept and mash-it up with Simon. That’s what the creator of this Super Mario Bros Push Popper game has done, but they really haven’t thought this through.

As spotted by Tokyo Game Life, this toy (dubbed the Quick Push Puzzle game), replaces Mario and Luigi’s faces with popper bubbles and it’s just horrifying to look at. You can almost hear them begging for the sweet release of death.

It’s actually more terrifying than if their faces had just been left blank. Those nubs aren’t, technically, holes, but it’s still giving us big trypophobia vibes, as if one of those ‘buttons’ is going to crawl out of their faces.

We’re not going to link to the listing, though it’s not hard to find these cursed Silent Hill-level Super Mario Bros toys. But the same seller does have a version of this toy with Mario’s head on the top which, while still a tad odd, is far, far less terrifying. Though, as a knock-off, there’s the danger that these toys aren’t up to safety standards.

If, on the other hand you want a Super Mario Bros gift that won’t give the recipient nightmares, check out our guide here.

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