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American Arcadia hotel

How to Get the Luggage in the Hotel Room in American Arcadia

Are you wondering how to get the luggage in the hotel room in American Arcadia? Here’s how to disrupt the robot to get your hands on it.

Playing as Trevor, one of the puzzles you come across in the first half of American Arcadia sees you in a fancy hotel. Under the instruction of Angela, you’re guided up to the ninth floor, to a room Angela stayed in a few days earlier. In there, there should be a suitcase waiting for you. And in that suitcase is a badge that’ll grant you access to the rest of the hotel. There’s only one problem: there’s an annoying service droid in the room blocking your progress. So: how do you get the luggage in the hotel room in American Arcadia?

Towards the right-hand side of the hotel room, you’ll see a luggage drop-off point. It’s an automated system which takes suitcases to the rooms, but because the service droid is still in the room, the luggage drop-off hasn’t been activated. If you go over and push the button to turn it on, the droid will simply turn it back off. So: you need to stop the service droid getting to it.

If you turn on a light in the bathroom, the droid will go in there, taking a few seconds before it comes back out again. Alas: it’s still not enough time to summon the luggage. What you need to do is trap the service droid in the bathroom.

See that service cart nearby? You can push and pull it. Turn the light on in the bathroom, so the droid goes in to turn it off. And while it’s in there, drag the cart so it’s blocking the entrance to the bathroom. That’s it! Now it can’t get out. You’re free to call the luggage, and there’s nothing the droid can do it about.

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