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BigBig Won Black Friday

BigBig Won is Offering BigBig Savings This Black Friday

If you’re in the market for a new controller for Switch or PC, this Black Friday might be the time to grab on. BigBig Won is offering 20% off its full range of controllers and controller accessories. And when they were already great value at full RRP, they’ve just got even better.

The discounts run until Monday, 27th November, or until stocks last, and are available via Amazon. Below, we’ve provided a rundown of each item.

Blitz PC Gaming Controller – was $55.99, now $44.79

The Blitz controller is a solid choice for anyone looking for an all-round PC controller. Featuring six-axis gyro, immersive rumble, a turbo function, programmable back buttons and more, it packs in a lot of the features you’d expect to find only on a pro controller. 

The Blitz controller for Switch is also reduced, offering the same functions but usable with your Switch console. Originally $65.99, it’s currently available for $52.79.

Rainbow2 Pro Controller – was $64.99, now $51.99

We’ve written about the Rainbow2 Pro Controller before: it’s an excellent buy. It’s even better with 20% off. This pro PC controller packs in a full suite of features and eye-catching RGB lighting to boot. Opt for the combo version of the Rainbow2 Pro and it comes with a charging dock to ensure your controller always has power. That’s 20% off, too.

Rainbow Lite Controller – was $34.99, now $27.99

If you don’t quite need all the bells and whistles of the Rainbow2 Pro, then the Rainbow Lite controller is worth considering. Usable on PC and Switch, it still packs in quality joysticks and triggers, programmable back buttons and RGB lighting – but it’s a fraction of the price.

R100 Pro – was $25.99, now $20.79

The R100 Pro is a USB dongle that allows you to use a wide range of controllers on PC, PS4 and Switch. Fancy using an Xbox controller on Switch? This will let you do that. Even better, connect a controller to the R100 and it’ll remain paired even if you move the adapter from one console to another. It means you can continue gaming while using the same controller, no matter where you’re playing.

The similarly-functioning R90 Pro controller adapter is also on offer too, reduced by 20% to $20.79.

Armor-X Pro Black – was $69.99, now $55.99

The Armor-X Pro is a detachable paddle that connects to an Xbox Series X/S controller, offering it an additional suite of programmable buttons. Essentially, it upgrades a standard Xbox controller to boast Elite features. And with an included adapter, you can use the paddle and attached controller on numerous devices, not just Xbox.

Its sibling, the cheaper Armor-X Black is also reduced by 20%, bringing its price down to just $39.99.

Rainbow S – was $39.99, now $31.99

The final offering from BigBig Won this Black Friday is 20% off the Rainbow S, a Switch-compatible controller. Also usable on PC, this stylish controller offers up 6-axis gyro, a turbo function, RGB lighting and two custom remappable buttons on the reverse.

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