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A Raccoon Style Switch Controller

This Black Friday, Get 50% off This Animal Crossing-Style Nintendo Switch Raccoon Controller

There are plenty of early Black Friday deals, but this wireless Animal Crossing-style Nintendo Switch STOGA Raccoon Controller has to be the absolute cutest. For just $24.99, down from $49.99, you can snag this adorable joypad from Amazon. It even has a tiny pair of ears poking out of it.

It’s not an official piece of Animal Crossing merchandise and manufacturer STOGA isn’t allowed to call it that. But we can absolutely see the connection. So this is just the thing to play Nintendo’s superb Animal Crossing: New Horizons with.

But it’s not your run of the mill controller either. It’s designed to compete with Nintendo’s own Pro controller and sports a turbo function, handy for tackling retro shooters and the like. And, like Nintendo’s controller, the wireless Nintendo Switch STOGA Raccoon Controller works with Android an PC as well.

The Raccoon Controller has pretty good reviews, which look to be written by actual humans. Though we could have done without it being badly photoshopped into the hands of a stock family. Animal Crossing is such a chill series that we doubt you’ll have cause to hurl it across the room. Though if you do, you can always imagine it’s Tom Nook.

This Black Friday Animal Crossing-style Nintendo Switch Raccoon Controller deal is US only though if you’re in the UK you can get a good deal on STOGA’s puppy-faced controller. And if you’ve also got an Xbox, check out these deals on official Xbox controllers.

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