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How to Clean Your Bathhouse in Spirittea

Read on to find out how to clean your Bathhouse in Spirittea – that means getting rid of all the nasty cobwebs and dust all over the place. Yuck.

The first time you visit your bathhouse in Spirittea, the first thing you’ll notice – aside from the ghosts – is just how dirty the place is. It’s filled with cobwebs, and the floor is thick with dust. Thankfully, you can clean your Bathhouse in Spirittea straight away: it’s just tiring work.

Head into the side room in your bathhouse through the door on the right. You know, the place where your washing and drying area is. Just past the doorway, you’ll find a ceiling broom and a floor broom. You can pick them up with A, then add them to your inventory with X.

To use them, open up your inventory with Y then choose either the floor or ceiling broom. Stand over a patch of dust or under a cobweb, then hold down B to use. Wait a few seconds and voila: the dust or cobweb will disappear!

Yes, cleaning up everything will take time, so we recommend doing it piecemeal. Grab your broom and sweep up a few bits while you’re waiting for towels to dry, for example, or while you’re waiting for a new customer to arrive. Eventually you’ll get there, and once your bathhouse in Spirittea is clean and tidy, it’ll feel like a whole new place.

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