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Co-op Horror Sanguivore: Twenty Below is Set to Scare Next Month

Sanguivore: Twenty Below

Halloween may be over for another year but that doesn’t mean the scares have to stop. Developer Blood Eater Games and publisher Forthright Entertainment have just lifted the lid on their upcoming co-operative horror title, Sanguivore: Twenty Below. Launching into early access on 1st December, its heart-pounding trailer certainly has us intrigued.

In Sanguivore: Twenty Below, players will find themselves trapped in what the game calls a “puzzle complex”: essentially a series of escape rooms of increasing difficulty that you’ll need to break free of. You can work alone or with up to four others as you work through puzzles, find tools that will help you break out, and more.

Of course, being a horror title, there’s more to Sanguivore than simply getting through each puzzle room. You’ll be pursued by the titular terror as you play, blood-eating monsters that initially take the form of vampires – but other types of foes are expected to appear in upcoming maps in the game.

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What’s particularly interesting here is that there are multiple escape routes, and more than one solution to puzzles. If one idea isn’t working out for you, then, there’s opportunity to try something different. But if you’re playing in co-op, working together is key. If one player gets taken by the Sanguivore, the rest have an opportunity to save them.

Watch the trailer for Sanguivore: Twenty Below:

We’re very much looking forward to seeing more of Sanguivore: Twenty Below. We’re fans of horror games and escape rooms, so a combination of both has us intrigued.

We won’t have to wait too much longer to find out more, either: it’s launching into early access via Steam and Epic Game Store on 1st December. A full release is scheduled for 2024. Wishlist Sanguivore on Steam now.

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