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Dead Island 2

Sink Your Teeth Into Dead Island 2, 50% off This Black Friday

This Black Friday, do you feel like taking on a clawing mass of former humanity, devoid of anything but basic hunger? Then by all means, go out shopping. But if you don’t, and you’re in the US, you can snag Dead Island 2 for 50% off, making it just $34.99.

Available as part of Amazon US’s Black Friday sale, long-delayed sequel Dead Island 2 is a real gem. For a time it looked as if the game was dead in the water but it was finally handed to Dambuster Studios. Reviewing it, we remarked that it’s “…the ultimate zombie game, dropping you in a setting that’s an absolute joy to explore and spend time in while taking apart zombies in any way you please.”

This deal is for the Day 1 edition which includes a handful of pre-order bonuses, including the Banoi Baseball Bat and Banoi War Club. Though once you’re past the first hour or two you’ll be crafting your own even more ridiculous weapons.

If you’re a gore-hound you’ll be particularly pleased by the game’s FLESH system which ‘realistically’ depicts the damage you to do the zombies. You can break jaws, mangle limbs, it’s up to you. You probably shouldn’t eat first, though. And, while it’s not included as standard, the recently released Haus paid DLC is well worth diving into.

This Dead Island 2 Black Friday deal is live now. There’s no Amazon UK equivalent offer but it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

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