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There’s a Farming Simulator Kids Version Launching Next Year

Farming Simulator Kids

The farming simulation genre is one of my favourites, but Giants Software’s Farming Simulator, despite being the real deal, is just a bit too heavy-going for me. And so, despite being many (many) years older than its intended audience, I still find myself excited for Farming Simulator Kids, announced today and set to launch next year.

Coming from Giants, the same developer as the grown-up version, Farming Simulator Kids eschews real agricultural simulation and replaces it with bright, colourful and cosy farming action.

Players will be able to grow their own crops along with caring for various farm animals like cows, chickens and geese. And, just like the adult Farming Simulator, heavy machinery plays a big part, too. You’ll be able to take control of various real-world John Deere tractors and other vehicles.

Keeping things light and airy, Farming Simulator Kids will feature a series of minigames to break up the farming activities. Expect to partake in some fast-paced sandwich making, for example. And if you don’t feel like doing much, you can simply hang out in your farmhouse.

Watch the trailer for Farming Simulator Kids below:

Despite the word ‘KIDS’ being there in big letters, Giants Software describe this as being suitable for all ages. And even as adults, we all enjoy sinking into a cosy little farming simulator.

I’m looking forward to learning more, and with Farming Simulator Kids set for release in spring 2024, we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer. It’s set to release on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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