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Forget Animal Crossing’s Isabelle, This My Time at Sandrock NPC Needs His Own Game

My Time at Sandrock, an NPC

Animal Crossing’s Isabelle is great and she’s turned up in a few non-AC games but it’s this My Time at Sandrock NPC that really needs his own game.

My Time at Sandrock is the follow-up to the superb My Time at Portia and, with definite shades of Animal Crossing, sees you reviving the fortunes of a desert town. It’s not short on NPCs, which includes several romanceable characters.

But, as spotted by a Reddit user, one of them, Unsuur is worryingly aware of his own status as a non-player character. “What if I run out of things to say? If we keep having the same conversations over and over again. What if I never have a new goal I want to accomplish? Will you get bored of me?”, he asks.

The correct answer is, of course, “… maybe.” But it’s actually a little disturbing how Unsuur has managed to touch on the nature of his own existence. And it’s left us craving an Unsuur-centric game, or something similar.

Imagine a game where you come to the horrifying realisation that you’re just an NPC in someone else’s game. You’re grappling with your nature and yet someone else’s words keep coming out of your mouth. It’d be like the backroom scene in Existenz with even more nightmare fuel.

Okay, maybe the game doesn’t need to be quite that terrifying. And a similar game does exist, please point us in its direction. But if Pathea Games is thinking about DLC, we’d be more than happy to put our money down for Unsuur’s Weird Day.

My Time at Sandrock is out now on PC, Switch, Xbox and PlayStation.

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