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The Best Gifts to Buy a Fortnite Fan This Holiday Season

Fortnite Gifts

Are you a hardcore Fortnite player, looking for gifts for another similarly-minded fan? Or maybe you’re scratching your head, wondering why someone would want a present that only lasts two weeks. Whatever your position, there’s no denying this online shooter’s cultural impact, attracting more crossovers than even Dead by Daylight.

That’s why, with the holiday season upon us, we’ve rounded up the best gifts to buy a Fortnite fan, from V-Bucks through to plush Loot Llamas.

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1. V-Bucks Cards

Want to give someone some Fornite spending money? Then snag a V-Bucks card, available in various denominations. These can be used to purchase in-game costumes, emotes and so forth. And if the recipient is in your family, it’s a lot safer then ‘temporarily’ putting your credit card on their account.

2. Fortnite 6-SH Nerf Dart Blaster

Why not bring Fortnite into the real world? Well, there are several good reasons why, including that you might want some peace and quiet on Boxing Day morning. But if you can coax the recipients into going outside, or if you’re gifting this to a parent you really don’t like, this is an idea Fortnite gift.

3. Fortnite Battle Bus Toy

Like the Nerf gun, this brings Fortnite into the real world. Unlike the Nerf gun this doesn’t involve having pellets hit the back of your head. Aside from being a very cool toy to look, at the Fortnite Battle Bus Deluxe features an inflatable balloon. Probably not a good idea to fill it with helium, though.

4. Fade Fortnite Mask

Feel like a little Fortnite Cosplay? This impressive-looking Fade Fortnite Mask will let the recipient disguise themselves as Fortnite’s Fade. It’s also ideal for scaring the living daylights for anyone who’s fallen asleep on the sofa. Not that we would ever endorse such behaviour.

5. Fortnite Multiplier Backpack

Fortnite fans can carry their stuff in style with this rather excellent Fortnite Multiplier Backpack. This isn’t just some flimsy piece of kit, either. Going by the reviews, this is durable enough to handle plenty of wear and tear. Just make sure the recipient isn’t going to throw themselves out of a flying bus.

6. Unofficial Fortnite 2024 Annual

With Fortnite changing every year, it makes sense that there’d be a yearly annual, albeit an unofficial one. It’s packed with round-ups, lists of emotes, tips, strategies and much more. And it’s just the right size to block someone firing a Fortnite-branded Nerf dart at your head.

7. Fortnite 7″ Llama Loot Plush

Aww, look at this Loot Llama’s adorable smile, it’s almost as if he doesn’t know what it’s in for. This 7″ plushy will cheer up the living space of any Fortnite player, providing you can trust them not to try and open it with a baseball bat.

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