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Like a Dragon Gaiden Streetcam

Get Ready For Like a Dragon Gaiden With These Real-Life ‘Kamurochō’ Street Cams

Like a Dragon Gaiden arrives in just a few days and if you want to hype yourself up for its release, check out these live Kabukicho street cams. Even if you’re skipping out on Kazuma Kiryu’s latest adventure, it’s still fascinating to watch life go by in Japan.

If you’re wondering what Kabukicho has to do with Like a Dragon Gaiden, it’s the Tokyo district Kamurochō was based on. So when we stumbled across some web cameras showing a live view of the area, we were transfixed.

Even though we know the game was modelled on it, in our heads it’s the other way round. Kamurochō is in most Like a Dragon games and we’ve played so many our brains tell us they came first.

We haven’t seen anyone get hit with a bike. Yes. Nor have we spotted a sunglasses-wearing Kazuma Kiryu wandering about. If Sega were canny, they’d hire a handful of actors to dress up and have a ‘Where’s Kiryu’ contest.

But we have been absolutely gobsmacked by how little some of Kabukicho’s pedestrians care about traffic crossings. They’ll happily cross on red or walk into the road. Admittedly, that’s how we handled things in some of the Yakuza games. But we didn’t realise we were emulating real life.

If you want to do a little people watching before Like a Dragon Gaiden’s release, check out this overhead street cam and this street level view. But, be warned, it can be a real time sink. As for the game itself, it arrives digitally on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S this November 8th.

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