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How to Save Your Game in Spirittea


Here you’ll find out everything you need to know about how to save your game in Spirittea, a brand new cosy adventure about running a bathhouse for spirits.

Don’t just simply quit the game when you’re done playing Spirittea! You might lose valuable progress. While you won’t find save points or a save option in the menu in Spirittea, there is a very easy way to save your game: you simply need to go to bed.

That’s right: every time you sleep in Spirittea, your progress will be saved. So once you’ve finished a day and put your head down to rest, that’s a good place to turn off the game.

But you can also head to your home and sleep for any time, choosing to nap for just an hour if you want. This is a good way to save your game if you haven’t got time to finish a day and still have stuff left to do before settling down for the night.

If you simply quit the game, you’ll lose any progress you’ve made since you last slept. If you’ve been working hard in the bathhouse, that could mean losing a full day’s worth of earnings – which can be quite a substantial amount of money.

So: saving your game in Spirittea is as simple as going to bed. Head back to your home and interact with your bed to sleep either for just one hour or a full night. Next time you start the game, you’ll pick up right from the side of your bed, with no progress lost.

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