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Space Battle Royale

MultiversalME Studios Announces Launch Date of Space Battle Royale

Fancy joining an intergalactic multiplayer battle? Developer MultiversalME has announced that its action arcade title Space Battle Royale is launching into early access on Thursday, 16th November. And to kick things off, it will be hosting a launch tournament – offering real prizes to combatants.

At launch, Space Battle Royale will feature two modes: deathmatch and team deathmatch. Both these modes will allow for up to 24 players to pit it out, piloting two different types of ships and equipping five types of weapons.

Of course, over the course of the game’s time in early access, more modes will be added. MultiversalME promises weapon upgrades, more ships and new game modes will be rolled out “in the coming months”.

For now, though, Space Battle Royale offers the opportunity for players to upgrade their ships, customise their pilots and enter a fight to the death against 23 players. You’ll get to experience Zero-G navigation as you pilot a space ship, and enjoy shooting mechanics that have been tuned to be both accessible for new players and rewarding for seasoned shooters.

Watch the special early access trailer for Space Battle Royale below:

MultiversalME describes Space Battle Royale as being “a product of a unique combination of hardcore FPS gamers, artificial intelligence experts, and physicists”. Using Unreal Engine, the team is working to roll out technology enhancements to bring features like spatial audio, neural radiance fields and destructible environments to the game.

If all this sounds good, be sure to check Space Battle Royale out when it launches on 16th November. If you fancy taking on other players in the launch tournament, $1500 worth of Steam card prizes are up for grabs. So it’s well worth testing out your space piloting capabilities.

For more information, head on over to Space Battle Royale’s Steam page.

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