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PlayStation 5 Slim Teardown

The PlayStation 5 Slim Teardowns Have Begun. Here Are Some of the Findings

Wondering what’s inside the new PlayStation 5? Wonder no longer because even though it’s a few days away from release, YouTube creators have already started putting out PS5 teardowns. And their exploits have resulted in some interesting discoveries.

So far there are two YouTube channels with PS5 Slim teardowns, Dave2D and Linus Tech Tips. Linus Tech Tips’ teardown is more detailed, though Dave2D’s was the first to go up. Linus explains that DBrand, who make third party PS5 faceplates, sent him the PS5 Slim. In the past, the company has mocked Sony, though we doubt they’d have passed the console along if there was any chance of legal ramifications.

Between the two of them, they poke and prod around in the PlayStation 5 Slim’s guts. There’s nothing truly revolutionary about the Slim, but there are a few features and differences worth mentioning.

  • It’s 700 – 800g lighter than the original
  • The disc drive doesn’t need any screws, it just plugs in
  • It has four removable panels, compared to the original’s two
  • The top two panels are glossy, while the lower panels, beneath the line, are matte
  • The Slim doesn’t have the original’s ridged venting
  • The horizontal ‘stand’ is just a pair of plastic feet.
  • It’s marginally quieter than the original but not by a significant amount.
  • It also uses around the same amount of power as the original PS5.

You can find Dave2D’s teardown here and Linus Tech Tips’ teardown here. Both are worth a watch because each has their own distinct take. Dave2D, for example, was not a fan of the Slim’s look, despite loving previous slim PlayStation models.

The new PlayStation 5 isn’t officially called the Slim, not by Sony. But that’s what everyone else under the sun is calling it. It’s out this November 8th and while it’s not happened much yet, we’d expect retailers to start dropping the price on their old, original model stock.

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