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Sonic Gift Guide

The Best Gifts to Buy a Sonic Fan

Gotta go fast this Christmas time.

Sonic is cool. At least we think so. He may have been around some 30 years by now, but he doesn’t show signs of slowing down, and he’s just as popular as ever. And so, there’s a wealth of Sonic merchandise out there, ready for us to buy ourselves or buy or Sonic-loving friends and family as gifts.

A “wealth” might be an understatement, actually. Whether you want Sonic clothing, Sonic houseware, Sonic trinkets or Sonic toys, it’s all here. There are more Sonic gifts than we can shake a stick at, but we’ve picked out the best of them below. Happy shopping, blue blur lovers.

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Sonic the Hedgehog Ramen Bowl and Chopsticks

Sonic the Hedgehog Ramen Bowl and Chopsticks

While eating noodles out of the top of Sonic’s head might seem a bit cruel, we just can’t get over how adorable this ramen bowl set is. Honestly, we want to eat every meal out of it from now on. Cereal? no problem. A sandwich? Sure, cram it in. Sunday lunch? Might be a bit small – we’ll just have two helpings.

Sonic RC Racecar

Sonic RC Racecar

We’re not sure why a hedgehog who can run at the speed of sound needs a car. Maybe sometimes he just likes to feel a little more conventional? He’s starred in several racing games over the years, though, and now you can bring the magic of race-driver Sonic home with you thanks to this RC car. Vroom vroom.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2-Movie Collection

Honestly, the Sonic the Hedgehog movies were way better than it had any right to be. At least, once they’d redesigned Sonic. They’re both fun, feel-good movies for the whole family, and this double pack of both filmes will make an excellent gift for any Sonic fan.

Sonic Red Running Slippers

Sonic slippers

Look. At. These. Slippers. They are a masterpiece. A work of art. A purely inspired design. Moulded after Sonic’s very own special red running shoes, these slippers can keep your toes nice and toasty in the wintertime. We wouldn’t recommend actually trying to run as fast as Sonic in them, though. They’re a bit big and bulky; accidents may occur. But still. Look at them!

Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-Speed-Ia

Sonic Encyclo-speed-ia

This gorgeous full-colour book celebrates all things Sonic in light of his 30th anniversary. It goes into detail about each Sonic game, showcasing characters from the franchise and iconic locations. Essentially, it’s the ultimate companion book for any Sonic fan, and so it will make a perfect gift this Christmas. There’s even a fancy Deluxe Edition, too.

Sonic the Hedgehog Kids Hoodie

Sonic Hoodie

We’re gutted these things only come in kids’ sizes. But for young Sonic fans – or petite people lucky enough to still fit into children’s clothing – this is the perfect Sonic gift. Not only does this hoodie feature Sonic’s lovely fleshy belly, it’s also got ears and spikes on the hood. Perfection in the form of clothing.

Tails Plushie

Tails plushie

Let’s give one of Sonic the Hedgehog’s co-stars a moment in the limelight. Tails – or Miles Prower, as you may know him – is perhaps Sonic’s cutest companion. He’s a fox with two tails, allowing him to fly through the air. Of course, this plushie can’t fly, but it is utterly adorable. Any Sonic fan would be proud to have this in their collection.

Sonic the Hedgehog Cable Guy

sonic cable guys

Not only does this Sonic-themed Cable Guy make a glorious little statue, it’s functional too. You see, Sonic’s arms stay in an outstretched position. You can use him to hold your controller or smartphone. What a helpful little chap. The perfect gift for any Sonic fan who enjoys gaming.

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