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Steam Deck Accessories gift guide

Must-Have Accessories For Any Steam Deck Owner

Whether you’ve just got a Steam Deck for yourself or you’re looking for a gift to buy a proud owner, we’ve rounded up six must-have Steam Deck accessories right here.

A handheld gaming device from Valve, the Steam Deck lets you access your library of Steam games on the go. It’s been revolutionary for many gamers, quickly becoming the best way to play a huge library of PC games. Sure, it might be the go-to device to play indies on, but this thing is also capable of playing beefier titles too. Personally, we’re big fans of playing Diablo IV on ours.

But whatever you or your pals choose to play on your Steam Deck, you’re going to benefit from a suite of accessories. We’ve rounded up our personal favourites here. So either treat yourself, or go buy one for your Steam Deck-owning friend. You can’t go wrong.

1. JSAUX Steam Deck Dock

JSAUX Steam Deck Dock
Image: GameSpew

When you’re not playing your Steam Deck handheld, it’s nice to have the option to connect it to a TV. Or simply have somewhere nice to stand it while it’s charging. The JSAUX Steam Deck Dock is perfect for that. Connect your Steam Deck to the dock, and you can use a HDMI cable or DisplayPort to hook it up to a TV or monitor. There’s also an ethernet port and multiple USB ports on the dock, allowing for various connections. It essentially turns your Steam Deck into a desktop machine, and that’s pretty awesome if you ask us. You can read more about the dock by clicking here.

2. Migitec Hard Carrying Case

Image: Migitec/Amazon

The Steam Deck comes with a bespoke carrying case, which is pretty good if you ask us. It’s robust and perfectly fits the Steam Deck inside. But you might want something a little sturdier that’s going to offer the maximum level of protection should it get dropped or knocked. Enter Migitec’s hard carrying case, which looks like a little tactical carrying case. It’s hard-wearing on the outside, layered with thick foam inside. It also comes with an AC charging adapter, which is always handy to have.

3. Transparent Steam Deck Case

JSAUX Transparent Steam Deck Case
Image: JSAUX/Amazon

This one requires a bit of technical know-how and hands on work, but if you don’t mind taking apart your Steam Deck, the results are certainly worth it. This purple transparent case looks absolutely fantastic when it’s on. Buy the kit and it comes with everything you need, including full instructions to walk you through installing it.

4. Turtle Beach Battle Buds In-Ear Headphones

Turtle Beach Battle Buds
Image: Turtle Beach/Amazon

The Steam Deck comes equipped with a 3.5mm jack, meaning you can plug in any standard pair of earphones. We’d recommend the Turtle Beach Battle Buds, which are perfect for on-the-go gaming thanks to their small size. They’re surprisingly comfortable to wear and offer good quality sound considering their size and low price point (you can pick them up for less than $30). There’s also a microphone included, making them great for online gaming.

5. 512GB MicroSD Card

Sandisk Extreme 512mb MicroSD card
Image: SanDisk/Amazon

Despite coming with built-in SSDs of various sizes, no matter what model of Steam Deck you buy you’ll find a MicroSD card slot built into it. This means you can easily expand your games storage on the sly. We find a 512GB card the perfect balance between size and price: it holds a lot of games without breaking the bank. Just make sure you choose a reputable brand: this SanDisk Extreme card will set you back less than $40, and it’s a brand we know we can trust.

6. Steam Deck Screen Protector

Image: JSAUX/Amazon

Finally, our last recommended Steam Deck accessory is a very practical one. This pack of two screen protectors from JSAUX will ensure your screen doesn’t get scratched, while still ensuring it looks great and is responsive to touch. They’re made from tempered glass, so they’re thick and sturdy – and at less than $10, they’re dirt cheap to buy.

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