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Advent Calendars Gift Guide 2023

The Best Gaming-Themed Advent Calendars 2023

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With just one more day before 1st December and advent officially kicks off, it’s about time you bought yourself an advent calendar if you haven’t already. But why have a boring one when you can have something super cool? Here, we’ve rounded up the best gaming-themed advent calendars you can buy this year – and we’ve got everything from Skyrim to Sonic.

It wasn’t all that long ago that advent calendars came in two varieties: the (good) ones with chocolates in, and the ones that simply had pictures of Jesus behind each window. Now, you can get just about everything in advent calendar form. Coffee, socks, gaming merchandise, figurines of your favourite superhero, stationary, cheese… you name it, it’ll be in an advent calendar. But what about the best advent calendars for gamers? Read on.

1. Super Mario Advent Calendar 2023

Super Mario Bros. Advent Calendar 2023

Let’s kick off our round-up of the best gaming-themed advent calendars with one of the most popular icons of gaming history: Super Mario! New for 2023, this advent calendar contains 24 Mario figures and accessories, including never-before-seen Santa Mario, Snowman Mario and Snowman Luigi. Mama mia!

2. Fallout: The Official Vault Dweller’s Advent Calendar

Fallout Advent Calendar

Just because it’s the apocalypse doesn’t mean we can’t count down to Christmas. The Fallout: The Official Vault Dweller’s Advent Calendar contains 25 keepsakes inspired by the world of Fallout. You’ll find things like a coaster, a badge, recipe cards, a Pop Socket and various paper trinkets.

3. Sonic the Hedgehog Advent Calendar

Sonic the Hedgehog Advent Calendar

Like the Mario calendar above, this Sonic the Hedgehog advent calendar features 24 figures and accessories – but this time they’re Sonic-themed. Each window contains either a 2.5 inch plastic figure, or an accessory to go with them. There’s an exclusive Santa Sonic, and a Reindeer Tails too. Adorable.

4. Dungeons & Dragons: The Official Countdown Gift Calendar

Dungeons and Dragons Advent Calendar

Whatever class you play as, you’re bound to appreciate this Dungeons & Dragons advent calendar. Its 25 windows contain a mix of D&D themed trinkets, from mini books, paper craft, stationery items, tech accessories and button pins. And it’s currently half price at Amazon, too.

5. EXIT: The Game Advent Calendar – The Silent Storm

Exit The Game Advent Calendar

Not only is this EXIT: The Game advent calendar one of the best for gamers, but it’s also a game in its own right. If you’re unfamiliar with EXIT, it’s a series of escape room puzzles. Typically they’re presented as board/card games but this year saw one release on Steam, too. This advent calendar – The Silent Storm – provides a new riddle every day that all combine to create one intriguing Christmas-themed mystery.

6. Pokémon Trading Card Game Holiday Calendar

Pokémon Trading Card Game Advent Calendar

If you’re a fan of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, you’re going to love this advent calendar. It contains 8 foil trading cards, all with an exclusive festive stamp, five Pokémon booster packs and seven three-card fun packs. There’s also collectible coins, sticker sheets and a Pikachu and Glaceon collectible.

7. Five Nights at Freddy’s Funko Pop Advent Calendar

Funko Pop Five Nights at Freddy's Advent Calendar

You won’t find full-size Funko Pops in this Five Nights at Freddy’s Advent Calendar, but you will find 24 individual Pocket Pops, all around two inches tall. They’re adorable, and if you’re a FNAF fan, you’re going to love these little collectibles. Nothing says Christmas like spooky animatronics… right? Right?

8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Official Advent Calendar

Skyrim Advent Calendar

Fus ro dah! Celebrate the countdown to Christmas in style with this Skyrim-themed advent calendar. There are 25 windows here, each containing an Elder Scrolls trinket. You’ll find stuff like stickers, recipe cards, keychains and other keepsakes. With something completely unique each day, this is one of the best gaming themed advent calendars you can get this year.

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