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The Xsolla Report: The State of Play Sheds Light on the Future of the Games Industry

Gaming commerce company Xsolla has just released its first report on the gaming industry.

Called The Xsolla Report: The State of Play, it provides insights on game development and the games industry as a whole, focusing on areas such as payments, mobile gaming and product development.

Founded in 2005, Xsolla is a company that helps publishers and developers fund and monetise their products across multiple platforms. It classes itself as an “innovative leader in game commerce”, placing the company in a strong position to analyse the state of the games industry from a commercial point of view. The Fall 2023 State of Play report is the first of what the company hopes will be a regular fixture within the industry. The next edition is scheduled to release in January 2024.

With the gaming industry being worth an estimated $211.2 billion by 2025, The Xsolla Report is not just a snapshot of the current state of affairs but also offers an insight into the gaming landscape over the coming years. It’s described as a “comprehensive, forward-thinking guide”, and within it you’ll find actionable insights, in-depth analysis and perspectives from various experts.

Image: Xsolla

The insights within the report reach further than just the world of gaming, too, touching on the landscape of real-time payment transactions – something that will deeply affect how players pay for their content. In the report, Xsolla reports that 28% of all electronic payments are projected to be real-time by 2027. Putting that into perspective, in 2022, the sector reported $195 billion in transactions, with a year-on-year growth of 63.2%. That same growth is expected to continue, with projections for 2027 set at $511.7 billion.

That’s important for the gaming industry, because Xsolla has found that 34% of gamers are willing to spend up to $30 a month on cloud gaming, emphasising a need for robust cloud gaming solutions and innovation within the field.

Image: Xsolla

The State of Play report from Xsolla also highlights the shift within the industry in Brazil, a country it describes as becoming a powerhouse in the digital transaction landscape. Last year, Brazil accounted for 15% of all real-time transactions globally. And with a growth rate of 228.9% year-on-year, it’s one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.

Image: Xsolla

According to Xsolla CEO Chris Hewish, the State of Play Report is “more than just an industry summary”. He goes on to say, “It serves as a comprehensive playbook to navigate the intricate elements of the gaming ecosystem. Acknowledging that 2022 was a challenging year for many, we see 2023 as a year of rebound. Our report delves into market trends, technological advancements, and shifts in consumer behaviour to equip game developers and industry leaders with the insights they need for a successful turnaround.”

The full report is available to download for free from Xsolla’s official website by clicking here.

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