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You Will Die Here Tonight Puts a Fun Twist on Traditional Resident Evil Gameplay

Out now on PC, if you’re a fan of old-school Resident Evil you should definitely check out You Will Die Here Tonight by Spiral Bound Interactive.

Jump into this indie title, and if you’re familiar with Resident Evil you’ll spot lots of similarities, especially once you leave your headquarters and arrive at a spooky mansion. With your team split apart, you’ll first enter a dining room after hearing what sounds like a gunshot. You’ll stumble upon the corpse of a colleague shortly after that. And then guess what happens – yeah, a zombie appears, cementing this title as a survival horror.

As much as You Will Die Here Tonight takes influence from Capcom’s horror classic, however, it does change up the formula in some pretty big ways. For a start, it’s generally played from an isometric perspective, giving you more of a view of what’s around around and changing the atmosphere considerably. Things get tense when you choose to enter combat, though, with the game suddenly becoming a first person shooter in which you can’t move. Should a zombie grab you, you’ll quickly have to hammer a button to shake them off. Whether you chose to flee after that is up to you.

Needless to say, facing off against zombies here does feel rather dangerous, and so you might choose to simply avoid them if you can. It can be tricky though, when you also have rooms to explore and puzzles to solve. There’s also another element here we’ve not yet mentioned: when you die, that’s it for your current character. In a roguelike twist, death is something you really want to avoid in You Will Die Here Tonight, although it is pretty much inevitable. Get bit by a zombie just once and it could prove to be a death sentence, with a clock counting down until you succumb to the terrible virus.

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Dying isn’t the end of your time with You Will Die Here Tonight, however. Upon death, you’ll simply find yourself in control of a new character, trying to achieve your goal anew. Things might be a bit more difficult, though, as any resources you picked up previously won’t be available. You might be able to reclaim some of them if you find the corpse of your previous character, but you might have to put them down once again beforehand.

For fans of old-school survival horror, it’s safe to say that You Will Die Here Tonight is a bit of a treat. It takes a tried-and-tested formula but switches it up, giving it a fresh new feel. Add in lots of twists and turns along the way that you really won’t expect, and you have what could be one of the year’s best sleeper hits.

You Will Die Here Tonight is available now on PC.

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