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This Alan Wake 2/Devil May Cry 5 Mash-Up is Musical Perfection

Alan Wake 2's We Sing sequence, with two guitarists with badly photoshopped Devil May Cry 5 heads on them.

We’re suckers for a good musical mash-up. But never in a million years did we think we’d get anything as awesome as this Alan Wake 2 / DMC 5 mash-up. And we absolutely can’t tear ourselves away from it.

If you’ve not played Alan Wake 2, look away now because we’re about to get into serious spoiler territory. And if you’ve not played Devil May Cry 5? Well, it’s been four years but so we’re probably on safe territory with that one.

YouTuber DarkInsideTT, who’s created many a mash-up, noticed similarities between Alan Wake 2’s big musical number, Herald of Darkness, and Bury the Light, DMC 5’s heavily memed Vergil theme. That’s not to suggest there was any homework copying, we should add. But it was enough for them to put this DMC 5 / Alan Wake 2 mash-up together. And the result is, frankly, spectacular.

Herald of Darkness Burying the Light, as DarkInsideTT calls it, takes the musical score from Herald of Darkness’s finale and combines it with Nero’s theme. And it really, really works. It helps that they’ve put some actual effort in instead of just putting the two on top of each other.

Speaking of Alan Wake 2, we were glad to see it getting three The Game Awards, er awards, for Best Narrative, Best Game Direction and Best Art Direction. It’s a shame that some of winners had their speeches cut short, with the now-infamous ‘please wrap it up’ message. But both Alan Wake 2 and Baldur’s Gate 3 deserved their wins.

As for DMC 5, if you want to step into the shoes of Vergil, he’s playable in the special edition. Read our Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition review here to find out why it’s such a joyously over-the-top experience.

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