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Archetype Entertainment Reveals Debut Sci-Fi RPG Exodus


Revealed onstage at The Game Awards by the award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, upcoming sci-fi RPG Exodus already had our attention. Then Supermassive Black Hole by Muse started playing during its cinematic reveal trailer and we were well and truly sold.

Exodus is the debut game by Archetype Entertainment, a new Austin-based studio comprised of AAA veterans. It aims to combine deep cinematic storytelling with genuine emotional impact along with broad player agency and modern AAA gameplay. At the centre of its tale will be the concept of Time Dilation and how it, alongside the choices players make, affects the ones we love.

“Exodus introduces an innovative new sci-fi world that forces players to face the consequences of their choices over time,” states James Ohlen, Co-Founder, Studio Head, and Executive Creative Director at Archetype Entertainment. “We use Time Dilation as a catalyst impacting the choices you make in-game that sets in motion events affecting your relationships with your loved ones, and your entire civilization, for generations.”

Players who jump into Exodus, which doesn’t have a release window just yet, will find that it takes place in a future where humanity has fled a dying Earth. As The Traveler, you are humanity’s last hope, tasked with finding a new home in a galaxy that is hostile. Pivotal to your success is stealing alien technology from the Celestials, the most powerful beings in the universe.

The problem is, these interstellar missions require you to travel at lightspeed, and what are days for you are decades for those you leave behind. How would your family feel if you left them for decades? How would you feel? And how would the world be changed?

You can check out the cinematic reveal trailer for Exodus below. It’s currently in development for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. And can we get more games using music by Muse, please? We’re sure that Matt Bellamy could put together a great game soundtrack.

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