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Dreamlight Valley Cave of Wonders

How to Complete Diamond in the Rough in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Do you need help completing the Diamond in the Rough quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s everything you need to know.

Once you’ve completed Gaston’s The Wild Tangle’s Swarm quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can move straight on to Diamond in the Rough. This is the next story quest as part of the game’s first expansion, A Rift in Time. To begin, talk to Gaston. He’ll probably be in his camping ground, but you can use the map to locate him.

Once you find him, hand him over the two halves of the scarab. Once they’re joined together, it’ll take flight. Follow it, and it’ll lead you to a mystical cave… or, well, a pile of sand. Interact with the scarab once it stops, and the cave will appear. If you’ve seen Aladdin, this one will definitely look familiar!

How to solve Jafar’s first Cave of Wonders puzzle

Enter the cave and head down the steps. After the cutscene and conversation with Jafar plays out, you’re free to explore the cave. Or you would be, if the gate was open: you’ll need to get past its magical protection. Follow the path to your left around, clearing the Splinters of Fate out of the way. When you get to the end you’ll find a coil on the floor. Pick it up and put it in the machine that’s just in front of you. Now head back to the large gate. There’s a lever just in front of it: pull it, and it’ll open.

Solving the second light beam puzzle in ‘Diamond in the Rough’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Head up the stairs, and you’ll see another closed gate. Again, you’ve got a puzzle to solve to open it, but this one’s a bit more complicated. First, head up the stairs and down the corridor on your left. At the end of the corridor, turn left and pick up a mirror. Head down the ramp and pull the lever. That moves another mirror on the wall to make a light beam bounce.

Follow the light beam up, and you’ll see you need to move another mirror. Its switch is slightly hidden away, however. Go back down the ramp and follow the path round until you see it. Pull the switch, and now the light beam is bouncing all the way back to the corridor where you came from.

Follow the light beam and you’ll see it ends against a wall. Interact with it, and place the mirror you picked up on it. Follow the beam to its final destination, just to the side of the main gate. Pull the switch next to it, and the beam will bounce onto the door. That’s one half solved!

Solve the circuit puzzle in the Cave of Wonders

Now, head up the steps and down the corridor to the right of the door. This time, we need to charge a battery coil. The puzzle is on the floor: we have to complete the circuit. Here’s what to do:

  • Head to the circle right at the top of the grid, just in front of the coil that’s glowing blue. Interact with it once.
  • Move to the left, and interact with that circle twice. Follow the blue beam down to the next circle. Interact with that one once.
  • Cross over to the top-right circle and interact with it three times.
  • Finally, move down to the last circle and interact with it twice.

The coil in the centre should now be charged. Pick it up, and head back to the main room. Place the coil in the empty socket next to where you’ve just come from. That’s it: the next door has opened! Enter it, and let’s see what awaits…

It’s the Jewel of Time! Follow the path and pick up the Jewel of Time, then leave the Cave of Wonders. There’s a quick exit pad just to the bottom of the stairs. Talk to Gaston once you’re out, and that’s it: quest completed!

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