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Here’s Everything We Spotted in the Fallout TV Show’s Teaser Trailer

The Fallout TV show. A man is looking at a woman through a circular glass window.

Amazon’s Fallout TV show is still a few months away but at long last, we’ve now got a teaser trailer. And while the still images Vanity Fair published were cool, the show looks even better in motion.

And, as huge Fallout fans we were wondering just how many things we could spot, elements that tie the series to the game (beyond the general post-apocalyptic look, that is).

So we’ve picked through the Fallout TV show teaser trailer, frame by frame, and here’s what’s caught our eye.

  • Pip-Boys. As you might expect, Vault Dwellers, including protagonist Lucy, have these wrist-mounted devices. From the trailer it seems like they’re just static screens, so we’ll presumably get a computer-animated close-up any time Lucy uses hers.
  • Santa Monica Pier. We see a broken ferris wheel atop a pier and, since the show takes place in Los Angeles, that’s probably Santa Monica Pier.
  • Lucy leaves the vault alone. We know that Lucy’s brother is involved in the story but, going by the trailer, she leaves alone, not with him.
  • Radroaches. The trailer gives us a couple of radroaches, giant mutated cockroaches. One is CGI and the other, being munched on by a dog, could be CGI or a physical prop.
  • A beached ship. LA still has a beach, and we get a glimpse of an ocean, but it looks as if the ocean has seriously receded.
  • Vertibirds. Like the games, the Brotherhood of Steel is using Vertibirds, dual-rotor aircraft, to get around.
  • Power Armour. We already knew Power Armour was going to figure into the series, thanks to images and interviews. But we were worried how they’d look in motion. But the suits, which are practical, not CGI, nail the feel of the game.
  • All hell breaks loose in Vault 33. We don’t precisely know why Lucy leaves Vault 33. But we get a clip of things going to hell, with someone falling from a walkway and another vault-dweller yelling in rage. Our suspicion is that the vault’s secret experiment didn’t activate but, 200 years later, someone has accidentally triggered it.
  • A Megaton-style settlement. Lucy finds her way to a settlement that, like Fallout 3’s Megaton, looks put together from bits and pieces, including the nose of some aircraft or possibly even a space shuttle. So, the settlement’s “Supply” sign is made from letters from other signs.
  • The Ghoul gets into a gunfight. Walter Goggins’ character, who we know just as The Ghoul, is involved in a shoot-out at the same settlement we see Lucy arriving at. We’re assuming this is how they meet.
  • Lucy visits another vault. We know that Lucy is from Vault 33 but we see her talking to another ‘Overseer’, who has a single, cyclopean eye.
  • “Please remain calm” gun-turrets. Seeing ‘Please Remain Calm’ on the trailer’s automated gun-turret made us grin, letting us know there’s still plenty of humour in the series.
  • Mr Handy. Fallout’s trademark domestic assistant makes into the trailer.
  • Dairy Fresh Ice Cream. Unlike Nuka-Cola, Dairy Fresh, seen on an advert, appears to have been created exclusively for the series. There is a real Dairy Fresh ice-cream store in New Jersey, though it has a different logo.
  • A strained look through glass. We see Lucy (played by Ella Purnell) looking through a circular glass window at her father, played by Kyle McLachlan. Our best guess is that he’s trying to persuade her not to leave the Vault or she’s returned to the vault and, with things having escalated, he’s begging her to leave.
  • A jukebox. It’s a little worse for wear but the show is sticking with the retro-futuristic look of the games.
  • Yao guai. The trailer confirms we’ll be getting at least one yao gua, Fallout’s mutated black bears.
  • Giant gecko. We get a look at what seems to be a bigger, nastier version of the gecko.
  • A Vaultsuit wearing woman gets a fork in the eye. But that doesn’t stop her from blasting away with her machine gun, on what appears to be a farm.
  • The Brotherhood has at least one airship. That’s going to make them a formidable force. They’re not just on their own, as they have been in some games, far from home. They’ve got real backup.
  • A pre-ghoul Walter Goggins. The final shot is of Walter Goggins’s ghoul character picking up a girl and putting her on his horse. Since they have matching outfits we’re assuming that’s his daughter.

Amazon’s Fallout show arrives this coming April 12th, so expect another trailer or two before then. And in the meantime, if you’re hunting for a Fallout-themed gift this holiday season, check out our Fallout gift guide.

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