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This Fan-Created Fortnite Simpsons Skin is Brilliant and Terrifying

Homer Simpson standing in front of a group of Fortnite characters.

With all the characters who’ve cropped up in Fortnite, from Halloween’s Michael Myers through Family Guy’s Peter Griffin, you’d think the Simpsons would have joined the roster. That’s yet to happen but one artist has come up with a Simpsons Fortnite skin that’s brilliant and disturbing in equal measure.

The problem is that, as pointed out by Polygon, characters have to be able to roughly fit within Fortnite’s existing character standards. That’s almost certainly why we got a buff Peter Griffin. Homer Simpson isn’t exactly washboard slim, Marge has her massive hair and unless you stand them on each others shoulders, Bart, Lisa and Maggie would have problems with the game’s hitboxes.

That’s where artist Bizabow has stepped up. She’s mashed the Simpsons together to create a Transformers-style gestalt that, while it would work in Fortnite, is absolute nightmare fuel. Her tongue-in-cheek idea has Lisa and Maggie as Homer’s arms, Bart as his torso and.. well, just take a look.

The Doh back bling, Moe stick and Duff Beer Glider are fun. But we have serious questions about Simpsonsicus or whatever you want to call this warped combiner. For a start, who is in control? We had this same question about Devastator in the Transformers. Is Homer running the show? Marge? Or is it a blend of all their minds? Given how dysfunctional this family is we can’t imagine you’d get more than four feet before they start malfunctioning.

Yet despite or perhaps because of how bizarre this is we absolutely want this Simpsons skin in Fortnite. We don’t generally buy skins but we would 100% pay for this. The snag is that we can’t ever imagine Fox/Disney giving the green light to this bizarre, beautiful creation. Oh well, there’s always the Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

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