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5 Excellent Gaming-Themed Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree

Forget your usual baubles and tree decorations. Who wants a boring shiny gold ornament when you can have one that’s video game themed?

We didn’t even know that this was a thing, but searching on Amazon, we’ve been amazed at how many gaming-themed tree decorations you can buy. Mario, a gaming Santa, generic ‘Gamer’ bauble, a controller-shaped hanging decoration. The list goes on. And, we want to share our findings with you, because we’re nice like that. And it’s the holidays.

So behold: five excellent gaming-themed ornaments for your Christmas tree that we can’t help but love.

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Hallmark Super Mario Christmas Ornament

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a whole tree that’s filled with Mario, Yoshi, Toad and Princess Peach et al? You can, thanks to Hallmark’s range of Nintendo Christmas tree decorations. We think Mario’s our favourite, but there’s a whole range available. It’s a shame Mario’s not dressed up in a festive outfit – he’d look jolly good in a Santa hat, we reckon – but there’s no denying he’d still look fabulous hung on a Christmas tree.

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Numskull Sonic the Hedgehog Bauble

Sonic gaming tree decoration

Don’t worry, Sonic fans. We’ve got you covered, too. Numskull has opted for a more traditionally-shaped gaming-themed tree decoration with the classic bauble. But by sticking Sonic’s lovely blue face on there, it’s made it much more enjoyable. There’s also a Knuckles one, too, if you’d rather dangle a red echidna from your branches. Gaming-themed Christmas tree ornaments don’t come much better than this.

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Generic Controller Tree Decoration

gamer tree decoration

Perhaps you don’t want to support a specific gaming character or platform; you simply want everyone to know you’re a Gamer™. This six-pack of generic controllers you can dangle from your Christmas tree will do just that. They come in three colours – silver, green and black. Although they do look suspiciously like PlayStation controllers, so if you prefer Xbox you might want to keep that in mind.

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Super Mario Super Star Tree Topper

Super Mario Tree Topper

What better gaming-themed Christmas tree decoration is there than a huge Super Mario star that sits atop of your tree? Even better, this one lights up – and it’s officially licensed by Nintendo. We love it. And we want to theme our entire Christmas tree around it. 

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Retro Arcade Game Tree Ornament

arcade game tree ornament

If you’re not so much into modern games, never fear. This Party Rock decoration is for you, sporting a very glitzy arcade cabinet from days gone by. It’s a generic cabinet with no specific game inside it; rather, the screen sports a gold star, which could represent a game, or it could simply represent Christmas.

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