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The Best Gaming-Themed Kitchenware to Buy This Christmas

best gaming themed kitchenware gift guide

We are firm believers that when you’re a gamer, you should feel free to let the world know in any way that you can. And if that means enjoying gaming-related merch in every facet of your life – and every room of your house – so be it. Maybe it’s an Xbox bedspread, some Zelda cushions on your couch or even a Sonic toothbrush in the bathroom. You do you. But what about the kitchen? Fear not: we’ve rounded up the best gaming-themed kitchenware gifts right here.

Oh yes, your love of gaming doesn’t have to stop when you put your controller down. From video game-themed cookbooks to cookie jars in the shape of your favourite in-game object, we’ve rounded up seven kitchenware items that you absolutely, 100% don’t need but definitely, absolutely want. Whether you’re buying them for yourself or for a friend this Christmas, we’re pretty confident the recipient will love having gaming-themed kitchenware in their home. Who wouldn’t?

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Animal Crossing oven mitt and tea towel set

Animal Crossing oven mitt and tea towel
Image: Amazon

The Animal Crossing series is all about relaxation, collecting unique items and paying off your ever-accruing debt. The fact that there hasn’t been an Animal Crossing cooking game yet is an actual crime – but with this kitchen set, you can at least imagine what cooking alongside Isabelle and K.K. might feel like. It’s a three-piece set featuring a pot holder, an oven mitt and a tea towel – everything you need to prepare a festive feast.

Pokèball Cookie Jar

Pokémon cookie jar - gaming kitchenware gifts
Image: Silver Buffalo/Amazon

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Well, it was probably a Nickit. But we can’t blame the little fella. If we saw this Pokèmon cookie jar we’d want to open it too and grab one of the tasty treats waiting inside. Any Pokèmon fan would love having this in their kitchen and who knows – you may just find an adorable Pokèmon resting inside having mistaken it for a real Pokèball. Definitely one of the best gaming-themed kitchenware gifts you could buy this Christmas. Filling it with cookies first is totally optional.

NES Coasters

NES coasters - best kitchenware gifts for gamers
Image: Paladone/Amazon

When hanging out at home there is one thing that is definitely not a vibe: water rings on your coffee table. Prevent this particular annoyance with these super cool NES coasters – the perfect gaming-themed kitchenware gift for any retro gaming fan. Each coaster is shaped like a NES cartridge and each features a classic game. There’s The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. and more.

Super Mario Fridge Magnets

gaming-themed kitchenware - super mario magnets
Image: Paladone/Amazon

Speaking of Mario, if you know someone who loves everyones favorite Italian plumber than this magnet set is a must-have for their fridge. With Mario, Luigi, Goombas, piranha-infested pipes and plenty of blocks, you can pretty much create an entire Mario level right on your refrigerator. We love that you can arrange them however you want: it’s like a real-like Super Mario Maker.

Kirby bento boxes

Best gaming-themed kitchenware - kirby bento boxes
Image: Amazon

Another beloved Nintendo character is, of course, the pink and adorable Kirby. This round, pink boy has won the hearts of many since his creation in the early 1990s. Looking for one of the best gaming-themed kitchenware gifts for the Kirby fan in your life? These positively adorable bento boxes might just be the perfect thing. This particular set comes with a large, medium and small container, perfect for your delicious snacks or hot or cold lunches.

Sonic the Hedgehog Waffle Maker

Sonic the Hedgehog Waffle Maker - best gaming kitchenware
Image: Uncanny Brands/Amazon

As we all know, Sonic the Hedgehog has “gotta go fast” which means that he’s likely burning a lot of calories. What better way to get his energy back up than by feeding him a waffle with his own face burned into it? Not only does this mini waffle maker print Sonic into every waffle it makes, but the machine itself has a cute design featuring Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy on the top. Totally unnecessary, but we love it.

Overwatch: The Official Cookbook

Overwatch cookbook cover - gaming kitchenware
Image: Amazon

One awesome thing about Overwatch is that its characters are a diverse bunch, coming from countries all over the world. Overwatch: The Official Cookbook features over 90 recipes inspired by Overwatch’s characters and their origins. From incredible burgers and ramen to amazing desserts, this book has a little something for every hero.

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